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The Power Tech Industries Ltd. Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) manual identifies a minimum HSE standard that incorporates applicable legislated requirements and industry best practices.  Managers, Supervisors, Workers and Contractors are expected to comply with the requirements identified in this manual.  Deviation from any of these rules and work procedures will require the approval of Management.  An equivalent level of safety must be provided for Workers performing tasks when deviating from written rules and procedures so as to preserve Power Tech Industries responsibility and goals of providing a safe and healthy work environment.  

Power Tech Industries goal for all Managers, Supervisors, Workers, and Contractors is to achieve a zero incident/damage rate.  This will be accomplished by ensuring all training and safety measures are in place and are monitored for effectiveness.

To help achieve these responsibilities and goals, Management will continually strive to improve the safety program.  This will be completed by continuing to perform yearly safety audits and following through on all audit recommendations.  Employees are encouraged to provide suggestions and ideas for the ultimate improvement of the safety program, this manual and its contents.  To ensure a practical and an optimum level of safety for Supervisors, Workers, and Contractors, all personnel that work for Power Tech Industries Ltd. must ensure the information contained in this manual fulfills the company's health and safety needs.

This manual is intended specifically for Supervisors, Workers, and Contractors.  All Supervisors and Workers are expected to become familiar with this manual's contents, to review it during safety meetings and training sessions, and to refer to it before performing any critical task.  Management is required to be familiar with, continuously promote, reinforce and monitor compliance to these requirements.  Compliance should be commended and non-compliance should be corrected immediately.